Uses for Promotional Products from Addica

Apart from promoting corporate events or supporting a marketing campaign what other reasons could you use branded merchandise for?

Never fear, Addica is here! Below is a list of ideas to inspire you to celebrate and promote your business or products.

Thank You

What a perfect opportunity to thank clients for their much-appreciated business, suppliers for support and dedication and employees for their hard work throughout the year. Great for moral!

Addica Promotional Products

Onboarding Gift

Welcome that super keen newbie with a fabulous onboarding giftset. What about a mug for those team morning coffee runs and a water bottle to keep the team hydrated and focused? Make every new person feel part of the business.

Corporate Milestones

Celebrate work anniversaries, birthday’s, weddings, new parents and various individual and team recognitions.

New Clients

Welcome new clients by sending an industry relevant package. These will provide useful items for the client and help build a stronger client relationship.

Desk Drops

Promote that new product but carrying out an internal desk drop.

Creating memorable and enjoyable experiences is the aim. This builds relationships, promotes moral and connects clients and employees to you orgainisation authentically.

Are you thinking about starting a new project or marketing campaign? If so contact Addica. Our experience and friendly team are just a phone call or email away. Head over to our bespoke page to upload your designs and ideas. The Addica team will be in touch!
Look forward to developing your ideas.
Marketing Manager.
Addica Ltd.